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Watch “Non-Surgical Disc Decompression Technology Works!”

A Revolutionary non-drug, non-surgical successful way to treat issues caused by degenerative disc disease, degenerative arthritis, spinal stenosis, numbness, muscle spasms, PAIN, arm pain, leg pain, neck pain, low back pain and headaches.

We are now accepting a limited number of new patients in this clinical trial.

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and mention DCT for a complimentary evaluation to see if you are an acceptable candidate for this procedure.

The Official Back Pain Specialists Of Wichita!

Whether you have a neck injury, a herniated disc, a compressed spinal cord, or lumbar pain we can take care of your pain and get you back to your best healthiest pain free life.

The Pain Stops At Dopps

No matter what pain you have, neck pain, back pain, joint pain, head aches, numbness or tingling. We can bring you back to health!


Meet the amazing team that will help care for your healthcare needs.


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Non-Surgical Disc Decompression Technology. We are now accepting a limited number of new patients in this clinical trial.

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What Type of Pain Do You Own?

Headaches / Migraines / Cluster

Neck Pain

Back Pain


Joint pain

Feet Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Low Back Pain

Mid Back Pain

Muscle Spasms

Numbness and Tingling

No Matter what type of pain has become a part of your life… It is quite possible we have the solution to it.


Cervical Lumbar


Intersegmental traction

Interferential Electro Therapy

Ultra Sound

Needless acupuncture

Cold Lazer


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